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***Note: Free upgrade service***

To thank all customers that supported me in the past.

As most already know my extremely long wait time and delayed shipping.

I’m really working my ass off to catch up the back-orders.

Believe it or not, I’m now working from 8:30am to 22:30pm daily 7 days a week.

Only Wednesday and Friday, I’m gong home earlier at 7pm.

Let alone I wake up at 7am to take the kids to school.

With the recently upscaling, the production is pretty stable now.

I’m aiming at around August to get all back-orders caught up.

The free upgrade project will start around that time.

Customers that has the older mk3 units, can send it back to get a latest mk4 upgrade if possible.

Otherwise, you will get a brand new mk4 replacement delivered.

Thanks again for everybody’s support in the past.

I know the older versions have some short comings, that’s the reason I get you guys the free upgrade.

But everything starts with no track records, the mk4 really is getting very good feedbacks.

Many customers are passing 10000 rounds, and issues whatsoever.

I’ll keep on improving the devices, and new design models will be coming later this year.

Stay tuned.



InvisibleSight® NGAL mk4



- Forged 6061 aluminium housing

- Waterproof epoxy sealed

- Internal fully epoxy reinforced

- Clicking windage/elevation adjust

- Made in USA mil-spec laser modules

- Visible override function with LA23 plug version

- Precision co-aligned lasers

- Comes with functional ir illuminator diffuser cap

   and laser ND filter cap

- Cerakote surface finish

- Guaranteed hold zero for upto 7.62 NATO

- Compatible with ATPIAL crane or LA23 switches

- Comes with a dual remote switch

- Signed unique lifetime warranty certificate

- Manufactured by Invisiblesight®




- Co-alignment precision: ≤ 1MOA

- IR wavelength: 850nm

- IR laser power at High: 40mW

- IR laser power at Low: 0.6mW

- Beam divergence: 0.5mrad

- Visible wavelength: 630nm / 520nm

- Visible laser power at High: 80mW / 40mW

- Visible laser power at Low: 4.5mW

- Beam divergence: 0.5mrad

- IR illuminator type: VCSEL IR laser 850nm

- IR illuminator power at High: 80mW

- IR illuminator power at Low: 10mW

- Adjustable divergence: 15-150mrad

- Recoil rating: upto 7.62 NATO

- Waterproof rating: submersible

- Colour: Black or Dark Earth

- Mount: picatinny mount

- Mounting torque: as hard as you can

- Battery: 3V CR123A

- Size: 90mm x 50mm x 35mm

- Weight: 150g


FREE upgrade service for InvisibleSight® NGAL mk3 or older to mk4

$600.00 Regular Price
$0.00Sale Price

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