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***Note: Up-scaling production update***

Due to the extremely high demand, I just can’t keep up working only by myself.

Recently moved to a new bigger workshop.

Hiring more people to help me out with the not critical parts of the build.

I have been training them for the last few months already.

The new production rate will be increasing by 5 fold.

I'll no longer let the leadtime drag longer than specified on the website.

In order to keep the quality equal or better.

I’m still the one that doing all the critical parts of the build, laser alignment,

calibration, sealing the whole unit for waterproofing, ect…


***Note: The NGAL mk4 has a leadtime of about 16-24 weeks.***

Please consider carefully when placing the order regarding the leadtime.

Because the overwhelming number of orders recently,

exceeded my monthly production capacity.

And the need to fulfill existing back-orders ASAP.

In order to keep the leadtime reasonable within an acceptable range.

I can only accept a certain amount of new orders monthly.

Thanks for your understanding.


***Note: 100% satisfaction warranty***

All units sold through my website will be covered with

100% satisfaction warranty.

In case you don’t like the unit for whatever reason.

I mean whatever reason, even the unit works perfectly.

You can return it for money back.

Please note that the shipping and a 5% sales fees are not refundable.

Buy with confidence is part of my mission.



InvisibleSight® NGAL mk4



- Forged 6061 aluminium housing

- Waterproof epoxy sealed

- Internal fully epoxy reinforced

- Clicking windage/elevation adjust

- Made in USA mil-spec laser modules

- Visible override function with LA23 plug version

- Precision co-aligned lasers

- Comes with functional ir illuminator diffuser cap

   and laser ND filter cap

- Cerakote surface finish

- Guaranteed hold zero for upto 7.62 NATO

- Compatible with ATPIAL crane or LA23 switches

- Comes with a dual remote switch

- Signed unique lifetime warranty certificate

- Manufactured by Invisiblesight®



- Co-alignment precision: ≤ 1MOA

- IR wavelength: 850nm

- IR laser power at High: 40mW

- IR laser power at Low: 0.6mW

- Beam divergence: 0.5mrad

- Visible wavelength: 630nm / 520nm

- Visible laser power at High: 80mW / 40mW

- Visible laser power at Low: 4.5mW

- Beam divergence: 0.5mrad

- IR illuminator type: VCSEL IR laser 850nm

- IR illuminator power at High: 80mW

- IR illuminator power at Low: 10mW

- Adjustable divergence: 15-150mrad

- Recoil rating: upto 7.62 NATO

- Waterproof rating: submersible

- Colour: Black or Dark Earth

- Mount: picatinny mount

- Mounting torque: as hard as you can

- Battery: 3V CR123A

- Size: 90mm x 50mm x 35mm

- Weight: 140g


InvisibleSight® NGAL mk4

$1,290.00 Regular Price
$960.00Sale Price

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