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***Note: InvisibleSight® IS-EG NGAL pre-order available***

Orders placed from now on, will be shipped in 8-16 weeks from the ordering date.

Please consider carefully when placing the order regarding the ETA.

Thanks for your understanding.


***Note: Clarification about my final QC***

The InvisibleSight® IS-EG NGAL is basically 75% factory build,

but not fully assembled.

I QC check all parts at my workshop, make sure everything is within spec.

Doing modifications, fixing any issues and make sure it's good to go.

Then I assemble and seal the parts into the completed unit,

before testing and shipping.

I only do warranty service on units sold through my website,

that has the unique warranty card and serial number.


***Note: 100% satisfaction warranty***

All units sold through my website will be covered with

100% satisfaction warranty.

In case you don’t like the unit for whatever reason.

I mean whatever reason, even the unit works perfectly.

You can return it for money back.

Please note that the shipping and a 5% sales fees are not refundable.

Buy with confidence is part of my mission.



InvisibleSight® IS-EG® NGAL



- Forged 6061 aluminium housing

- PCB epoxy sealed

- Clicking windage/elevation adjust

- Visible override function with LA23 plug version

- Adjustable IR illuminator

- Ceramic paint surface finish

- Guaranteed hold zero for upto 5.56 NATO

- Comes with functional ir illuminator diffuser cap

and laser ND filter cap

- Compatible with ATPIAL crane or LA23 switches

- Comes with a standard single remote switch

- Signed unique one year warranty certificate

- Manufactured by InvisibleSight® IS-EG®

with InvisibleSight® final QC and assembly



- Co-alignment precision: ≤4MOA

- IR wavelength: 850nm

- IR laser power at High: 20mW

- IR laser power at Low: 0.6mW

- Beam divergence: 1mrad

- Visible wavelength: 650nm / 520nm

- Visible laser power at High: 40mW / 20mW

- Visible laser power at Low: 4.5mW

- Beam divergence: 1mrad

- IR illuminator type: EEL / VCSEL IR laser 830nm

- IR illuminator power at High: 40mW

- IR illuminator power at Low: 4.5mW

- Adjustable divergence: 15-100mrad

- Recoil rating: upto 5.56 NATO

- Waterproof rating: splash resistant

- Colour: Black or Dark Earth

- Mount: picatinny mount

- Mounting torque: as hard as you can

- Battery: 3V CR123A

- Size: 90mm x 50mm x 35mm

- Weight: 150g

InvisibleSight® IS-EG® NGAL

$660.00 Regular Price
$480.00Sale Price
Orders placed from now on, will be shipped in 8-16 weeks from the ordering date.

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